Tae | Kwon | Do

For the past three days I have been training for tae kwon do. I have never been do any tae kwon do step before, this is my first time. I want to learn on how to defend our-self if I am in a dangerous situation.

That comes to far, I choose to apply to be school representative for tae kwon do competition in this middle of the month.

I have got muscle sickness for the past three days and I must faced it positively. Everybody have their own strength of healthy. I am not good at the sort of doing heavy exercise like tae kwon do and that is why I want to learn but the big goal is to me to get the knowledge in other to defend myself.

In this world of what we don't expected, woman especially facing a lot of challenge in the mean of defending themselves. To be able to defend herself whenever there are no one with them.

I do not want to give up on tae kwon do, even though I am not a good newcomer of the tae kwon do but that is me. I am very amateur to tae kwon do and I have more things to learn.

Practice for tae kwon do also can help our body and our self to be healthy, one of the 10 Muwassofat tarbiyah. So I say it is one of the tarbiyah, tarbiyah diri.

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