I Can't Accept That, Sorry

I just finished watching the video on the types of service or self-care an OT should provide to someone who have disability. It is some kind of sensitive topics to be discuss in mostly Malay races in Malaysia. Many of them refuse to participate if the therapist offer to assess that kind of assessment. But through this assessment, then only that we can figure out the solution for the patients.

All and all, I still need some time to accept that kind of services and self-care to the patient/client itself. I think that types of intervention can be apply to if the patient agree to commit. But to me, it is very contra to the norm and the moral value of some culture especially Islamic culture. It is a non-moral things to do if the therapist and client agree to perform the activity. It is also important to identify the needs of the patient regarding their condition. However, if there are an agreement between client and therapist, then I couldn't say anything more.

I just can't really totally accept that kind of intervention. I am really sorry. Although the client want it to be done, I just can't do it. Go and ask other therapist to help you. I guess that is what I will tell the patient/client if they ask me to help him/her in that particular area of function.

Kuala Lumpur