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Do we all know who Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh? Maybe we all know him since we are at the secondary school..right or not? He is the Imam of his soldier

I just go back from the seminar given for the first year student in National University of Malaysia just now. It was a very interesting seminar which given by Mr.Syaari Abdul Rahman, a writer of the book namely as Kuasa Ke-Pemimpin-an al-Fateh.

It was not easy to bring the writer to talk in front of the audience. I am very glad that i am one of the student who attended the event.

What I want to share with you all, the readers is the ibrah of what Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh did in other to conquer Constantinople or what we all known as Istanbul located at Turkey.

"Kamu kagum dengan tokoh yang kamu kagumi, tapi kamu tak ambil pelajaran darinya" That is what the writer said to us during the seminar. Hmm, yes it is true. We all have our idol in our journey of life but do we really have taken the moral of their story in our daily life?

Walking into the story of Muhammad al-Fateh had open my eyes. He is only at 19 years old but he already managed to be the leader of many country. One of the most moral values to be highlighted here is the leadership skill.

For us to be able to have a job, we only have to give 20% of our knowledge for example on what we learn during our lectures class and so on. But the other one which make up about 80% is the attitude.

We cannot learn attitude things during our lectures or lab class. We learn it from our experience in leadership organization.

He, Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh is an ordinary people but what made him to be the best person is he is not alone. The same goes to us, we are an ordinary people but if we are together in other to be success in our life, we become an extraordinary people. I.A..

It is the attitude...

The leader and people below him all have a very special link. The people below the leader and the leader attitude mirror the success of the goal to be make.

We have to be so determine and we also have to be so focus on our target. Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh has been trained from his earliest age to have the goal in other to conquer Constantinople. Then, he really will go to it and he did it.

There are a lot of war happened by different soldier in other to get Constantinople. But what I am trying to say here is, he does not give up, he never give up. We all said that mistakes is the beginning of failure but to me mistakes is the beginning of success. We learn from the mistakes. We should take the mistakes as the way to learn and be strong to faced the challenge in front us.

Next, we should take some times and think and dream of our success.

Team works needs five characteristics.

1st, be positive. Do not look down on the others, all have specialization.
2nd, be proactive. Go ahead and don't blame the others if there are problem.
3rd, be psychological approve. Know how to make our team strength and determination strong in the organization.
4th, be perfection in diversity. Learn to take the comment or what the others think about our leadership skill.
5th, I am sorry. The writer could not remember the fifth one, he2. I am also waiting for the writer to tell us the fifth characteristics.

Do the best in what we do. Everything that we do have the goal to be achieve.

Allah SWT will give the success to the people who is really determine and never give up,in what His servants do.

But remember that sometimes we've got strategic planned but we cannot get to the goal. Right? That's the challenge given by the God. Read a lot of good books to widen our knowledge, learn many languages to help us communicate easily with different types of people.

Me and you, the readers. Let us take the moral values from Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh and apply it in our daily life. I.A.. ~~~

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  1. assalammualaikum w.b.t me dear...i already finish read this book...its really give us spirit as remaja islam...