Why | Blog | Followers???

Blog walking here and there... I found out that mostly people who have a blog or two have follower gadget on their blog. It is great to have a followers especially when the followers is many. Ha ha2.

It can improve the readers trustworthy for the blog itself and some may encourage another new readers to follow the blog frequently.

To have a blog and to post new entry, the bloggers have their own intention maybe one or two or maybe a lot more intention to finally choose to make a blog for themselves. Watch out on our intention in having a blog and having followers. Just be yourself and be our-self. You will enjoy to have a blog. This is my personal opinion, not to knock on the others who have blog. He2

I am writing my blog not to search for the followers. If they want to follow my blog, then just follow it..simple. I will appreciate all my blog followers. It is the people right to follow what blog they love. To me, blog is the place where I want to share my experience, my point of view in our daily life activities and to inspire the readers and myself to be strong enough to face the challenges in our own life.

Definition or opinion of life may differ from one person to another person. The same goes for the people definition or opinion towards the facts that to have a blog and having followers or become a follower.


Last night, I received messages from JAKSA ( Jawatankuasa Kebajikan Siswa/Siswi) Tun Syed Nasir College of National University of Malaysia Campus Kuala Lumpur. Before that,within this earlier week too I try to apply JAKSA form in other to may be involve in that organization. At first, I don't realize that I might be chosen but last night message received by me had answered everything. But now, I am one of the Setiausaha Kecil JAKSA Penerbitan & ICT.

It is the organization, a big organization in my college and university where we can get a big merit for student who involve in that. I start to think and think, it is my first step in this university life to be an active student.

After this, I might be busy with my study and also my performance in that organization. Luckily, I have friends with me who can always give support and helps whenever I need it. We are not alone in facing the challenge in our life, right or not? The senior who is the one in charge for us is also quiet supporting. By now, I think I can work with them.

I suddenly remember one quotation which taken my attention, to think and to realize. The quotation is like this:

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities."
Steven Cover

In our daily life activities, we face a lot of things, a lot of opportunity towards success, a lot chances which we wait for may be a very long periods of times. Some may be come to us once in our live, some may be twice and even might not come again after this. We do not know what we will face, it is the power of the God.

It is depends on us how we prioritize our schedule or what do we may know as Fiqh Awlawiyat. It is the first time for me to be involve in such a big organization like JAKSA. Before this, I also involve in another organization in my matriculation college but it is not as big as JAKSA.

Again I think, think and think. I need to maximize my energy, arrange my schedule brilliantly and also plan my study times perfectly, i.A. Some student in my college scared and afraid to be involve in JAKSA organization, the same goes to me but I choose to face the challenge. If I cannot perform well, only then I leave JAKSA for sure. Hey, it is our right to choose, right?

In the study, we need to read the lectures note or the lecture talk about the topic that we are going to learn better as we can before we enter the lecture hall. My experience, we might feel blur and confuse on what the lecturers teach if we did not read the lectures note or about before the schedule lectures or classes happen.

I hope that I will become more stronger after this because experience may teach us something new or may be something that can change our view of life according to the person.

Our positive intention is the most important in whatever we do in our life. Each man will suffer destruction, except those who are knowledgeable. Well-educated people will suffer destruction, but those who practice their knowledge, they too will suffer destruction, except for those who sincerely live and walk on the way of Allah with sincerity themselves.


Please leave a comment if u want...it is my pleasure to share different point of view. Every person have different point of view and I like to know and hear what other people may think. TQ for reading my blog...

: D


Journey | Being | An | OT | Student

Every human is a unique people, all have different story of there own life. Three weeks of being an OT student had open my eyes. We have been visit Hospital Kuala Lumpur twice including today. I have just go back from the visit and what I got is some shock and some new point of view of being an OT. It is a very good idea to bring the student to explore an OT field and what an OT do and what an OT is before they are going through it deeply.

My English is not so good but I still want to try use English words..haha. OT?

What is OT? People who are not major enough in medication or not working in hospital usually do not know what is an OT stand for. OT is an Occupational Therapy. OT is a profession, dealing with the disable people, people who have psychological dysfunction (sakit mental), children or baby which suffer from illness such as physical abnormalities, down syndrome patient.

It takes me to think again when the OT who have got the work as an OT in psychiatric unit ask us. Why do we choose OT? And what is our personal opinion of choosing an OT as our profession in the future? My mind was stuck when she ask me that question and I give just a simple answer but yet, i learn something from it. There must be a reason why we choose to be an OT.

Last two weeks, we have been expose to the Introduction of An OT. A lot of video had been showed to us. I saw a lot of people who have disabilities and have difficulties in managing there daily life activities. To us who born perfectly by the Power of Allah may or may not think that OT is important. It make me sometimes cry...as I love to understand people difficulties.

For example, we wake up in the morning. It is a very beautiful day. We walk by our own feet to the bathroom, open the door by our own hand, brushing teeth, open our clothes, take a shower, then going back to our room, prepare our own needs without helps from the others.

How about people who have disabilities such as stroke person who cannot walk perfectly, who needs wheel chair, who cannot open the door with there own hand. Even if they taking a shower, they need to hold on the grab prepare for the disabilities people. The toilet must be big enough so that they can move easily.

Who will going to teach them? Is it a PT (Physio Therapy)? Or is it a Nurse? It is an OT works.

We always confuse about the OT profession and PT (Physio Therapy) profession. PT usually use there equipment related to the needs of the patient, if the equipment is not there, then they cannot did there physio treatment.

As an OT, we can still give the patient our own treatment even by their own. OT will teach the patient on how to use the treatment such as wheel for the blind people and the patient can continue the treatment even in their own home.

I'm not familiar enough to differentiates between an OT and PT. It is a very wide profession being an OT. Seeing people struggle on there own life motivates me more. They still want to fight back even though they are sick, some may be have psychological dysfunction. There must be a reason why they becoming like that and you know what? They still did not give up.

Just now, I saw one patient (a male stroke patient by looks aging from 40-50 I think) who have going through the treatment given by the OT for a few weeks and now he need to do the 'Return to Work' treatment as he before this got a stroke. It is according to the OT who work there, is one of the last treatment before he can finish the treatment. He give smile at me while he doing the treatment with the OT. So touching... I cannot explain what's that feeling. You know, it is a direct motivation, while the OT giving the treatment, the OT also get the motivation.

As people have unique characteristics and personalities. They have the story behind there journey of life, how they manage to life until today, how they motivate themselves everyday. We cannot judge people directly by there appearance.

A lot more to be explore in front there. Just wait for us to step going on for the next journey. He2


I | Love | Netball | Huh???

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netball hoho, juz a quick briefing about what netball is...

Netball is a ball sport played between two teams of seven players. Its development, derived from early versions of basketball, began in England in the 1890s. By 1960 international playing rules had been standardised for the game, and the International Federation of Netball and Women's Basketball (later renamed the International

Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA)) was formed. As of 2011, IFNA comprises more than 60 national teamsorganized into in five global regions.

Games are played on a rectangular court with raised goal rings at each end. Each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the court and shooting it through its goal ring. Players are assigned specific positions, which define their roles within the team and restrict their movement to certain areas of the court. During general play, a player with the ball can hold onto it for only three seconds before shooting for a goal or passing to another player. The winning team is the one that scores the most goals. Netball games are 60 minutes long. Variations have been developed to increase the game's pace and appeal to a wider audience.

Netball is most popular in Commonwealth nations, specifically in schools, and is predominantly played by women. According to the IFNA, netball is played by more than 20 million people in more than 80 countries. Major transnational competitions take place, including the Netball Superleague in Great Britain and the ANZ Championship in Australia and New Zealand. Three major competitions take place internationally: the quadrennial World Netball Championships, the Commonwealth Games, and the yearly World Netball Series. In 1995 netball became an International Olympic Committee recognised sport.

All right, that's the briefing...

I was juz finish my netball competition juz now and it is quiet interesting to play netball. It is part of my favourite sports since i am in a primary school. Leaving netball for the past two years, I become not really familiar with the rules of playing netball..

haha, juz play it, enjoy what we faced. Sports as well as us gain the healthy lifestyle by doing some exercise benefits for our body. One of the 10 Muwassofat Tarbiyah, hehe...

Juz move on, mayb for the next game, we will b getting better...i.A. Quitting for a long time might b the cause of didn't know to play better in the games..talking about playing netball, I start to figure out that if we don't try to get what we want, we will not going to get what we want...

As in netball sports, we all want the ball to get the points and win but what if we will juz stand there and didn't know what to do, letting the others struggle for it while we are juz stand?? All of us want to win in everything that we do, but do we really done enough in other to win or succeed in our life??

Another thing that I learn, never give up even though you are loose in the middle of the games. It doesn't matter what happen at the beginning, what happen at the end is far more precious, thoughtful n meaningful. He always by our side, u know? Try, try and try. We may not win, but what is the difference between someone who are juz stand but wanted to win and the one who are still fighting in other to win? The chances are there, it is juz us whether we want to do it or not.

Go for it... >,<


New | Life | Beginning | Dark

~~~ jalan hidup seseorang berbeza, ada yang jalan hidupnya lurus sahaja tanpa ada banyak ujian/cabaran, dan ada yg jalan hidupnya penuh dengan liku dan duri...~~~

agaknya kita di mana??? Menjejakkan kaki di ibu kota negara Kuala Lumpur membawa seribu satu cerita baru dalam hidup seorang pelajar.

Hidup sebagai seorang mahasiswa/mahasiswi agak berbeza berbanding sebagai pelajar di institusi pendidikan yang lain. Berdikari itu penting...

Hard to believe the others, bcoz somtym if we trust somebody, they r juz dissapoint us... I learn from now that to believe in Allah is the best, He will not leave us no matter what we are and what we have done...

I guess I am being test by Allah... Bullied is always happen among the juniors...

If we too silent, the bullied is what we get...if we are too talkative, we are over....and maybe might hurt others...

Leaving with people who have low impression towards the muslimah wearing tudung labuh, it is really knock my mind once again.. in this cruel and tricks city, does it weird???

Or we are just follow what we think without knowing what others think...to be survive as a Sarawakian in this peninsular of malaysia is very tough with what others impression to Sarawakian,

To speak very well in peninsular language is quiet hard for borneo student, hope that they undestand us but some did not, instead some may laugh.. does it somthing good to laugh others especially they are also malaysians????

Racism in peninsular malaysia is very clear, we can easily see the people divide according to their race, did not want to be closely friends with the Chinese and indians... I call it as a pollution view, as to communicate with different races is very interesting, we can share different thought and perspective with them...

Did us really Satu Malaysia? I wonder what is the answer for this????

I juz love to be friends with the sarawakian/borneo , as they are not choosy when it comes to make friends with other races... but somehow, I shall think again, I must open my mind and accept everyone and go on. Be positive do not think negative.

Every people are different.

many things will I share after this insyaAllah. Experience what we don't expected to face.


The Army Son | Wartawan Kita | A Touching Story

The Creightons were very proud of their son, Frank. When he went to college, naturally they missed him; but he wrote and they looked forward to his letter and saw him on weekends. Then Frank was drafted into the army.

After he had been in the army about five months, he received his call to go to Vietnam. Of course, the parents’ anxiety for his first letter was greater than before. And every week they heard from him and were thankful for his well-being. Then one week went by without a letter, two weeks and finally three. At the end of the third week a telegram came, saying, " We regret to inform you that your son has been missing for three weeks and is presumed to have been killed in action while fighting for his country."

The parents were shocked and grieved. They tried to accept the situation and go on living, but it was tragically lonesome without Frank.

About four weeks later, however, the phone rang. When Mrs.Creighton answered it, a voice on the other end said, " Mother, it's Frank. They found me and I'm going to be alright. I'm in the United States and I'm coming home soon." Mrs.Creighton was elated, with tears running down her cheeks she sobbed, " Oh, that's wonderful! That's just wonderful, Frank."

There was silence for a moment, and then Frank said, " Mother I want to ask you something that is imperative to me. While I've been here, I've met a lot of wonderful people and I've really become close friends with some. There is one fellow I would like to bring home with me to meet you and dad And I would like to know if it would be all right if he could stay and live with us, because he has no place to go."

His mother assured him it would be alright.

Then Frank said, " You see, he wasn't as fortunate as some; he was injured in battle. He was hit by a blast and his face is all disfigured. He lost his leg, and his right hand is missing. So you see, he feels apprehensive about how others will accept him."

Frank's mother stopped to think a minute. She began to wonder how things would work out with a cripple in their home, and she worried about how the people in town would react with someone like that. She said, " Sure Frank, you bring him home, for a visit, that is. We would love to meet him and have him stay for a while; but about him staying with us permanently, well. we'll have to think about that." There was a silence for a minute, and then Frank said, " Okey, Mother," and hung up.

A week went by without any word from Frank, and then a telegram arrived, " We regret to inform you that your son has taken his own life. We would like you to come and identify the body." Their wonderful son was gone. the devastated parents could only ask themselves, " Why had he done this?"

When they walked into the room to identify the body of their son, they found a young man with a disfigured face, one leg missing, and his right hand gone.

Adapted from The Army Son(Author Unknown)


Wartawan Kita Mati Ditembak

  • Foto

  • Foto

    GAMBAR fail menunjukkan Menteri Pertahanan, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi diiringi Abdul Azeez bersalaman dengan Noramfaizul diikuti Aji Saregar Mazlan ketika misi kemanusiaan bertolak ke Somalia pada 28 Ogos lalu.

Penembak curi Somalia serang konvoi misi kemanusiaan Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Jurukamera BERNAMA TV terbunuh manakala jurukamera TV3 cedera selepas terkena tembakan curi penyerang tidak dikenali ketika pulang daripada membuat liputan misi bantuan kemanusiaan ke Somalia anjuran Kelab Putera 1Malaysia di Mogadishu, petang semalam.
Mangsa, Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, 41, meninggal dunia selepas cedera parah akibat ditembak di bahu, manakala jurukamera TV3, Aji Saregar Mazlan, cedera di tangan dan dilaporkan stabil. Untuk baca lebih lanjut, klik link di bawah.


Tiba-tiba rasa terpanggil untuk meng-post kan. Sama-samalah kita renungi.

Dua cerita ni saling tak berkaitan antara satu sama lain. Jangan salah faham..:)



Wajahnya selalu berseri. Matanya bersinar. Tubuhnya tinggi kurus. Bidang bahunya kecil. Setiap mata senang melihat kepadanya. Dia selalu ramah tamah, sehingga setiap orang merasa simpati kepadanya.

Di sampmg sifatnya yang lemah lembut, dia sangat tawadhu’ (rendah hati) dan sangat pemalu. Tetapi bila menghadapi suatu urusan penting, dia sangat cekatan ba gaikan singa jantan bertemu musuh.

Dialah kepercayaan ummat Muhammad. Namanya‘Amir bin ‘Abdillah bin Jarrah Al-Fihry Al-Qurasyi”, dipanggil “Abu ‘Ubaidah”;

‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar pernah bercerita tentang sifat sifat yang mulia, katanya: “Ada tiga orang Quraisy yang sangat cemerlang wajahnya, tinggi akhlak dan sangat pe malu. Bila berbicara, mereka tidak pernah dusta. Dan apabila orang berbicara kepada mereka, mereka tidak cepat-cepat mendustakan. Mereka itu ialah: Abu Bakar Shiddiq, ‘Utsman bin ‘Affan, dan Abu ‘U’baidah bin Jarrah.”

Abu ‘Ubaidah termasük kelompok pertama masuk Islam. Dia masuk Islam ditangan Abu Bakar Shiddiq, sehari sesudah Abu Bakar masuk Islam. Waktu itu beliau menemui Rasulullah saw. bersama-sama dengan ‘Abdur Rah man bin ‘Auf, ‘Utsman bin Mazh’un dan Arqam bin Abi Arqam untuk mengucapkan syahadat di hadapan beliau. Kerana itu mereka tercatat sebagai tiang-tiang pertama dalam pembangunan mahligai Islam yang agung dan indah.

Dalam kehidupannya sebagai muslim, Abu ‘Ubaidah mengalami masa penindasan yang keras dan kaum Quraisy terhadap kaum muslimin di Makkah, sejak permulaan sampai akhir. Dia turut menderita bersama-sama kaum muslimin yang mula-mula, merasakan tindakan kekerasan, kesulitan dan kesedihan, yang tak pernah dirasakan oleh pengikut agama-agama lain di muka bumi ini. Walaupun beqitu, dia tetap teguh menerima segala macam cobaan. Dia tetap setia dan membenarkan Rasulullah pada setiap situasi dan kondisi yang berubah-ubah.

Bahkan ujian yang dialami Abu ‘Ubaidah dalam perang Badar, melebihi segala macam kekerasan yang pernah kita alami.

Abu ‘Ubaidah turut berperang dalam perang Badar. Dia menyusup ke barisan musuh tanpa takut mati Tetapi tentara berkuda kaum musyrikin menghadang dan mengejarnya kemana dia lari. Terutama seorang laki-laki, mengejar Abu ‘Ubaidah dengan sangat beringas kemana saja. Tetapi Abu ‘Ubaidah selalu menghindar dan menjauhkan diri untuk bertarung dengan orang itu. Orang itu tidak mahu berhenti mengejarnya.

Setelah lama berputar-put akhirnya Abu ‘Ubaidah terpojok. Dia waspada menunggu orang yang mengejarnya.

Ketika orang itu tambah dekat kepadanya, dalam posisi yang sangat tepat, Abu ‘Ubaidah mengayunkan pedangnya tepat di kepala lawan. Orang itu jatuh terbanting dengan kepala belah dua. Musuh itu tewas seketika dihadapan Abu ‘Ubaidah. Siapakah lawan Abu ‘Ubaidah yang sangat beringas itu?

Di atas telah dikatakan, tindak kekerasan terhadap kaum muslimin telah melampaui batas. Mungkin Anda ternganga bila mengetahui musuh yang tewas di tangan Abu ‘Ubaidah itu tak lain ialah “Abdullah bin Jarrah” ayah kandung Abu ‘Ubaidah.

Abu ‘Ubaidah tidak membunuh bapaknya. Tetapi membunuh kemuysrikan yang bersarang dalam pribadi bapaknya. Berkenaan dengan kasus Abu ‘Ubaidah tersebut, Allah swt. berfirman sebagai tersebut

“Kamu tidak akan mendapati suatu kaum yang beriman kepada Allah dan Hari Kiamat, saling berkasih-sa yang dengan orang-orang yang menentang Allah dan Rasul Nya, sekalipun orang-orang itu bapak-bapak, atau anak anak, atau saudara-saudara, ataupun keluarga mereka. Mereka itulah orang-orang yang Allah telah menanamkan keimanan dalam hati mereka dan menguatkan mereka dengan pertolongan yang datang daripada-Nya. Dan dimasukkan-Nya mereka ke dalam surga yang mengalir di bawahnya sungai-sungai, mereka kekal di dalamnya. Allah ridha terhadap mereka dan mereka pun merasa puas terhadap (limpahan rahmat)-Nya. Mereka itulah golongan Allah. Ketahuilah, bahawa sesungguhnya golongan Allah itulah golongan yang beruntung.”

(Al-Mujadalah: 22)

Ayat di atas tidak menyebabkan Abu ‘Ubaidah membusungkan dada. Bahkan menambah kokoh imannya kepada Allah dan ketulusannya terhadap agama. Orang yang mendapat gelar ‘kepercayaan ummat Muhammad” ini ternyata menarik perhatian orang-orang besar, bagaikan besi berani menarik logam di sekitarnya.

Muhammad bin Ja’far menceritakan, “Pada suatu ketika para utusan kaum Nasrani datang menghadap kepada Rasulullah. Kata mereka, “Ya, Aba Qasim! Kirimlah bersama kami seorang sahabat Anda yang Anda pandang cakap menjadi hakim tentang harta yang menyebabkan kami berselisih sesama kami. Kami senang menerima putusan yang ditetapkan kaum muslimin.”

Jawab Rasulullah, ‘Datanglah nanti petang, saya akan mengirimkan bersama kalian “orang kuat yang terpercaya”

Kata ‘Umar bin Khaththab, “Saya pergi shalat Zhuhur lebih cepat dan biasa. Saya tidak ingin tugas itu diserahkan kepada orang lain, kerana saya ingin mendapatkan gelar “orang kuat terpercaya”. Sesudah selesai shalat Zhuhur, Rasulullah menengok ke kanan dan ke kiri. Saya agàk menonjolkan diri supaya Rasulullah melihat saya. Tetapi beliau tidak melihat lagi kepada kami. Setelah beliau melihat Abu ‘Ubaidah bin Jarrah, beliau memanggil seraya berkata kepadanya, ‘Pergilah engkau bersama mereka. Adili dengan baik perkara yang mereka perselisihkan.”

Maka pergilah Abu ‘Ubaidah dengan para utusan Nasrani tersebut, menyandang gelar “orang kuar yang terpercaya”.

Abu ‘Ubaidah bukanlah sekedar orang kepercayaan semata-mata. Bahkan dia seorang yang berani memikul kepercayaan yang dibebankan kepadanya. Keberan itu ditunjukkannya dalam berbagai peristiwa dan tugas yang dipikulkan kepadanya.

Pada suatu hari Rasulullah saw. mengirim satu pasukan yang terdiri dari para sahabat untuk menghadang kafilah Quraisy. Beliau mengangkat Abu ‘U,baidah menjadi kepala pasukan, dan membekali mereka hanya dengan sekarung kurma. Tidak lebih dri itu.

Kerana itu Abu ‘Ubaidah membagi-bagikan kepada para prajuritnya sehari sebuah kurma bagi seorang. Mereka mengulum kurma itu seperti menghisap gula-gula. Sesudah itu mereka minum. Hanya begitu mereka makan untuk beberapa hari.

Waktu kaum muslimin kalah dalam perang Uhud, kaum musyrikin sedemikian bernafsu ingin membunuh Rasulullah saw. Waktu itu, Abu ‘Ubaidah termasuk sepuluh orang yang selalu membentengi Rasulullah. Mereka mempertaruhkan dada mereka ditembus panah kaum musyrikin, demi keselamatan Rasulullah saw. Ketika pertempuran telah usai, sebuah taring Rasulullah ternyata patah. Kening beliau luka, dan di pipi beliau tertancap dua mata rantai baju besi beliau. Abu Bakar menghampiri Rasulullah hendak mencabut kedua mata rantai itu dan pipi beliau.

Kata Abu ‘Ubaidah, “Biarlah saya yang mencabut nya!”

Abu Bakar menyilakan Abu ‘Ubaidah. Abu ‘Ubaidah kuatir kalau Rasulullah kesakitan bila dicabutnya dengan tangan. Maka digigitnya mata rantai itu kuat-kuat de ngan giginya lalu ditariknya. Setelah mata rantai itu tercabut, gigi Abu ‘Ubaidah tanggal satu. Kemudian digigit nya pula mata rantai yang sebuah lagi. Setelah tercabut, gigi Abu ‘Ubaidah tanggal pula sebuah lagi.

Kata Abu Bakar, “Abu ‘Ubaidah orang ompong yang paling cakap.”

Abu ‘Ubaidah selalu mengikuti Rasulullah berperang dalam setiap peperangan yang dipimpin beliau, sampai beliau wafat.

Dalam musyawarah pemilihan Khalifah yang pertama (Yaumu s-saqifah), ‘Umar bin Khaththab mengulurkan tangannya kepadà Abu ‘Ubaidah seraya berkata, “Saya memilih Anda dan bersumpah setia dengan Anda. Kerana saya pernah mendengar Rasulullah saw. bersabda:.

“Sesungguhnya tiap-tiap ummat mempunyai orang dipercayai. Orang yang paling dipercaya dan ummat ini adalah Anda (Abu ‘Ubaidah).”

Jawab Abu ‘Ubaidah, “Saya tidak mahu mendahului orang yang pernah disuruh Rasulullah untuk mengimami kita shalat sewaktu beliau hidup (Abu Bakar). walaupun sekarang beliau telah wafat, marilah kita imamkan juga dia.”

Akhirnya mereka sepakat memilih Abu Bakar inenjadi Khalifah Pentama, sedangkan Abu ‘Ubaidah menjadi penasihat dan pembantu utama bagi Khalifah.

Setelah Abu Bakar, jabatan khalifah pindah ke tangan ‘Umar bin Khatthab Al-Faruq. Abu ‘Ubaidah selalu dekat dengan ‘Umar dan tidak pernah membangkang perintahnya, kecuali sekali. Tahukah Anda, perintah Khalifah ‘Umar yang bagaimanakah yang tidak dipatuhi Abu Ubaidah?

Peristiwa itu terjadi ketika Abu ‘Ubaidah bin Jarrah memimpin tentara muslimin menaklukkan wilayah Syam (Syria). Dia berhasil memperoleh kemenangan demi ke menangan berturut-turut, sehingga seluruh wilayah Syam takluk ke bawah kekuasaannya sejak dan tepi sungai Furat di sebelah Timur sampai ke Asia Kecil di sebelah Utara

Sementara itu, di negeri Syam berjangkit penyakit menular (Tha’un) yang amat berbahaya, yang belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya, sehingga korban berjatuhan. Khalifah ‘Umar datang dan Madinah , sengaja hendak menemui Abu ‘Ubaidah. Tetapi ‘Umar tidak dapat masuk kota kerana penyakit yang sedang mengganas itu. Lalu ‘Umar menulis surat kepada Abu ‘Ubaidah sebagai berikut:

“Saya sangat penting bertemu dengan Saudara. Tetapi saya tidak dapat menemui Saudara kerana wabak penyakit sedang berjangkit dalam kota. Kerana itu bila surat ini sampai ke tangan Saudara malam hari, saya harap Saudara berangkat menemui saya di luar kota sebelum Subuh. Dan bila surat ini sampai ke tangan siang hari, saya harap Saudara berangkat sebelum hari petang.”

Setelah surat Khalifah tersebut dibaca Abu ‘Ubaidah, dia berkata, “Saya tahu maksud Amirul Mu’minin memanggil saya. Beliau ingin supaya saya menyingkir dari pe nyakit yang berbahaya ini.”

Lalu dibalasnya surat Khalifah, katanya;

“Ya, Amirul Mu’minin! Saya mengerti maksud Khalifah memanggil saya. Saya berada di tengah-tenciah tentara muslimin, sedang bertugas memimpin mereka. Saya tidak ingin meninggalkan mereka dalam bahaya yang mengancam hanya untuk menyelamatkan diri sendiri. Saya tidak ingin berpisah dengan mereka, sehingga Allah memberi keputusan kepada kami semua (selamat atau binasa). Maka bila surat ini sampai ke tangan Anda, ma’afkanlah saya tidak dapat memenuhi permintaan Anda, dan beri izinlah saya untuk tetap tinggal bersama-sama mereka.”

Setelah Khalifah ‘Umar selesai membaca surat tersebut, beliau menangis sehingga air matanya meleleh ke pipinya. Kerana sedih dan terharu melihat Umar menangis, maka orang yang disamping beliau bertanya, “Ya, Amiral Mu’ minin! Apakah Abu ‘Ubaidah wafat?”

“Tidak!” jawab ‘Umar. “Tetapi dia berada di ambang kematian.”

Dugaan Khalifah tersebut tidak salah. Kerana tidak lama sesudah itu Abu ‘Ubaidah terserang wabak yang sangat berbahaya. Sebelum kematiannya Abu ‘Ubaidah berwasiat kepada seluruh prajuritnya:

“Saya berwasiat kepada Anda sekalin. Jika wasiat ini kalian terima dan laksanakan, kalian tidak akan sesat dari jalan yang baik, dan senantiasa berada dalam bahagia.

“Tetaplah menegakkan shalat. Laksanakan puasa Ramadhan. Bayar sedekah (zakat). Tunaikan ibadah haji dan ‘umrah. Hendaklah kalian saling menasihati sesama ka lian. Nasihati pemerintah kalian, jangan dibiarkan mereka tersesat. Dan janganlah kalian tergoda oleh dunia.

Walaupun seseorang bisa berusia panjang sampai senibu tahun, namun akhinnya dia akan menjumpai kematian seperti yang kalian saksikan ini.

“Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…” Kemudian dia menoleh kepada Mu’adz bin Jabal.

Katanya, “Hai, Mu’adz! Sekarang engkau menjadi Imam (Panglima)!” Tidak lama kemudian, ruhnya yang suci berangkat ke rahmatullah. Dia telah tiada di dunia fana. Jasadnya tidak lama pula habis dimakan masa. Tetapi amal pengorbanannya akan tetap hidup selama-lamanya.

Mu’adz bin Jabal berdiri di hadapan jama’ahnya, lalu dia berpidato:

“Ayyuhannaas! (Hai sekalian manusia!) Kita semua sama-sama merasa sedih kehilangan dia (Abu ‘Ubaidah). Demi Allah! Saya tidak melihat orang yang lapang dada melebihi dia. Saya tidak melihat orang yang lebih jauh dan kepalsuan, selain dia. Saya tidak tahu; kalau ada orang yang lebih menyukai kehidupan akhirat melebihi dia. Dan saya tidak tahu, kalau ada orang yang suka memberi nasihat kepada umum melebihi dia. Kerana itu marilah kita memohon rahmat Allah baginya, semoga Allah melimpahkan rahmat-Nya pula kepada kita semua.