People Judging and is Always


Actually I am really really can't stand it when someone we know always judge us. Okay, I change it to we, we always don't like it when someone judge us, I think is because of our ego. Ego, some people have high ego some people is somewhat like being hide inside the feelings, can't see by others. But we need those people who can correct us no matter who they are and who we are, we need that advice so that we will not drown so far from this journey. I always say this, we sometimes are too busy trying to get what we want, then without even realize we hurt ourself, we hurt our imaan, we forget Allah who is the Most Powerful.

In one day, how many times we mention His name? In one day, how many times we remember about him? This all can prove how much we put Him first in our life, does Allah just your Rabb when you are in trouble? Allah, the presence of Him, sometimes we take it for granted. He knows what we feel, He knows what we want, He knows what we won't talk to others. That words that can't simply speak out by words and voice. He knows it all. Our inner self, insight of our soul, always fight to choose between that bad or devil voices. It depends on us, what we choose.

Allah love that we go back to Him no matter what. Always have that feeling of wanted to learn, for learning is not just temporary, it happen throughout our life. After we graduated, we learn other area of life, perhaps work knowledge and experience, family matters, friendship, financial management n etc. This is all Allah's knowledge, we learn it all from His willing for us. Its sad indeed, when our heart becomes so black, rigid and is hard to melt. Sad and is sad very sad when we know the cause of it but still playing with the fire, letting ourself injured throughout the journey. May Allah protect us always, and hope that we always remember Him in everything we do. In shaa Allah.

Kuala Lumpur 


Menuding Jari

Terlalu sibuk menuding jari pada satu pihak sehingga melupakan diri sendiri juga mungkin membuat kesilapan. Manusia, tidak pernah sempurna dan tidak akan pernah sempurna kecuali Rasulullah SAW yang maksum itu. Tidak dapat tidak, pasti akan melakukan kesilapan baik secara sedar mahupun tidak sedar. Kejadian yang berlaku di sesetengah tempat di mana saling menyalahkan antara satu sama lain di mana bila orang atasan mula mengkritik akan kesilapan orang bawahan. Akhirnya orang bawahan mungkin takut dan cuba mencari alasan agar tidak dipersalahkan, lalu kemudian menyalahkan orang bawahan lain begitu sahaja.

Maka berlakulah sesi pergaduhan yang seakan tidak akan pernah habis. Seakan tidak tahu di mana kah penghujungnya. Dalam hal ini, kesemua pihak perlu berlapang dada. Sesiapa yang pertama meminta maaf itulah yang terbaik tak kira sama ada dia bersalah atau yang lain yang bersalah. Hubungan dengan manusia sama juga perlu dijaga sebagaimana kita menjaga hubungan dengan Allah. Hidup kita bermasyarakat, tidak akan pernah lari daripada mengharungi dan menemui pelbagai jenis dan personaliti manusia yang bervariasiti. 

Sudah pasti dan mungkin juga ada sesetengah manusia yang kita rasa kita tidak cukup ngam untuk bersama mereka sentiasa atau berurusan dengan mereka. Percaya atau sebaliknya, kematangan itu dapat ditunjukkan apabila kita mampu menerima orang yang kita tidak suka dengan menunjukkan wajah manis because this is life. We can't expect to have things juz the way we want to be. They also is human, we also is human. Ada perasaan, ada rasa kecil hati andai dilayan berbeza dengan orang lain.

Allah juga melihat pada hati manusia, hati-hati dengan hati dan ego kita. If salah, mengaku salah. Kadang terlampau menjaga diri dan melindungi diri, hati kita terluka baik cepat atau pun lambat.

Kuala Lumpur

Nak Kawen?


Marriage. The topics that people in young ages find it to be interesting things to talk about. When we talk about marriage, things that pop up in our mind is the happiness being with someone we love, walking through the life as long as being with our partner is somewhat enjoyable. However, all and all, its not about that sweet things about marriage, its beyond than that. Marriage is not a simple thing, preparation before that is more vital than the marriage itself. Marriage can prevent from zina but ia not only that, there is more reason to get marriage. Don't make our mind too rigid to think that marriage is all about being happy.

The cost need to be face for the marriage, before and after marriage should be counted. Such a very young ages to make the topic of marriage as a big issue in our living life before the right time. I think it is such a waste of time, I am talking from my previous experience. There is more other important things to think of instead of burdening our mind with marriage things. Somehow also, we think a lot about this things without knowing that people around us such as family and friends is the peoples who need the most of our love. Allah should be place at the first place.

Because the time may not be the right time, and someone we meet may not be the right man. Is not wrong to fall in love or have a crush on someone, perhaps he/she didn't know we have feelings for them. Let it be, Allah knows it. Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we want for the sake of Allah, for Allah's redha is what we want the most throughout this life onwards. Keep it to the halal one, make yourself expensive and have your own principles so that we will not drown along the way to meet Him. Nobody say it is easy, though this is our jihad and mujahadah to fight for His jannah. In shaa Allah. Is more appropriate to think about other things for now. Allah knows the best who we are going to be married with, right? So leave it all to Allah. :)

Kuala Lumpur.


Some People Just Don't Get It


Some people just don't get it when we give something that is not obviously shown by our action. Perhaps, that is the only way we can give to them, because saying it right by words is worthless, in the end, we are the one being blame by them. This things really pissed me off but that is life, we can't always have positive outcome in what we do in our life. That's the challenge. I may not know who you are and you also may not know who I am.

People say action speaks louder than words. I agree it to some point in life. But still, some people just don't get it until like forever. Think like it is useless to continue giving a hint by the action, but it show that we give up to take the challenge. Too much thinking, worried and compare who we are with other may cause us to lose our real goals. Worried lead to waste of time. Just go for it cause we don't know what our future prepare for us. All and all, He, Allah knows what best for us. Maybe we don't see what Allah plan for us now, its our turn to go for it and never give up for He always with us. 

Kuala Lumpur