Tim Osman @ Osama bin Laden

He's dead?! Hohoho...
Al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden is dead and the United States has his body, a person familiar with the developments says.
May 2 at 11:02am

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C huh????
May 2 at 12:19pm ·

A Justice has came to the people of the USA. And the world. :)
May 2 at 1:14pm

D kompem alrdy ka
May 2 at 1:35pm

A Of course. Watch CNN. TV3, RTM won't tell.
May 2 at 1:38pm

E whos say that is justice???
May 2 at 1:42pm

E is it wrong just to defend your country and family???
May 2 at 1:43pm

A Hahaha! Did Osama (the late) deserve a country? I say it is a justice because Osama tarnished the image of Islamic world which would be a regret by many great Islamic country. Many Islamic country have suffered due to 9/11 attack. Don't tell me Osama was right to attack world's most reasonable country? What if your family is one of the victim in the 9/11 attack? Wouldn't you be devastated?
May 2 at 4:39p

F In politics, there is no such an accident things....it is all planned...watch out what you think is the right..
Tuesday at 10:52am

A F: Oh. So, 9/11 was planned. But, to what extent the truth? The better probability in 9/11 politics is the tyrant extremist unfold their own theories? No. It's an absolute no. Back to the early George W. Bush era, the world was in an almos...t complete peace. Why al-Qaeda wanted to attack the USA? George Washington; George W. Bush's father was the one who started the war in the Middle East, particularly Iraq. Just so you know, Osama and Saddam offered no difference in their ploy to fund the extremist all around the Middle East. Sort of revenge; despite their own agenda, 9/11 happened. For no reason, Islam workers too died in 9/11. Not only in the US, Saddam killed his own people for the sake clinging on the power back to 1980s. You called this an accident? Check where you get the facts. Do not myth the perspective based on the tyrant's liar; so-called fighting for their faith but later making their own people to suffer. I do respect every religion. I admit that Bush made a mistake to be a little fierce after 9/11. But, could you find a better country than the USA to hold world's power now? No. China is communist - more evil. Russia is not strong enough; same goes to Japan. USA is the most reliable for now. Come on, Islamic countries hold more than 50% of world's wealth. The western countries don't merely steal them by attacking Iraq and Afganistan. Oh yea, the USA lost trillion dollars after the operation Iraq and Afganistan. Do they take oil, nuclear (uranium) back to the USA? No. They do it for the sake of their dignity as well as world peace. Everyone deserves the right to exercise their faith. Zionist is bad; I knew that. But, how should Islamic leaders deal with those tyrant? Deal. Make deal. Not by killing people.
Tuesday at 1:06pm

"F : "You called this an accident?" by you. From the beginning, I mean 'everything' in politics is not an accident, it is planned. It also involve the various things happen in politics. It is such a long story to be explain to you and it also involve the Islamic religion. Maybe my answer is not really answering..:) It is all started when the abolition of the Caliphate system happen, a system who lead the Muslim world at that time, done by Mustafa Kamel Althartuk on 3 Mac 1924. He had made change to the Turkey management,the secularisme, the muslim women is not allow to were muslim clothes, the azan is not "dikumandangkan" in Arabs language but instead in Turkey language. It is such a dishonourable to the muslims. All in all is in other to destroy the Islamic influence in Turkey and also the Islamic world. Before, this religion had dominate 2 out of 3 of the world at that time and the European Revival is occur. This is what we learned in History during secondary school. Back to the story,Mustafa Kamel cooperate with Britain for the same objectives. After that, on November 1947, PBB declares the division of Palestin.Slowly the Palestin area is being taken by them until what is left nowadays but still palestin people attack by them. The Jews had no place to go at that time and why Palestin being choose? Palestin is one of the country which is important to the Islamic world. On 1948,"Israel" is declared and the explusions of the muslims is greatly being done. In Algeria, French soldiers raped the muslims women. In 1947, Hindu massacres on Muslims begin in Kashmir, thousands of women being raped. In Gujarat 2002, hundreds of muslim women and girls raped and subsequently burnt alive by Hindus. In Iraq, British troops brutally beat the children on the street. Afghanista is also attacks. And then 9/11 appeared, believe by the people in the world to be done by Osama, a Muslims. A research by some people had also being done and they believe that the 9/11 is designed by an insiders. Though their evil objectives, behind the 9/11 case as well, a lot of number of people convert to Islam. I understand that the following information will not going to be accept by you easily. But it is up to you. The media co-operate with 'them', manipulate the people in the world, so that when the people think about Islam, it is a terrorist. I also study about the perspective of the people towards Islam, there are people saying that Islam is a terrorist and they scared with the muslim people. And it is known that Islam had never teach the Muslim to become a terrorist, it is a peaceful religion. However, certain people could not accept this things and also perhaps do not want the Islamic influence dominate the world once again. History might be repeat. The destroy of the Muslims and its influence to the world benefits is greatly being done by 'them'. You might not want to accept this things but only this is what I know until now, it may take more to be explain, and there is perhaps more to be explore in other to get the real answer. "

Sebenarnya, apakah jawapan disebalik kekeliruan ini? Laman-laman sosial sibuk bercerita tentang kebenaran kematian ketua kumpulan al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman). Sama-samalah kita berfikir mengenai hal ini...yang semakin hari semakin mengelirukan penduduk dunia. Benarkah Osama bin Laden telah mati? Ataukah ianya hanya salah satu propaganda untuk mengaburi mata dunia?