Alamak | Nerd | ....!!!

We always see people and maybe our own friends carry there big water container or maybe big bag. They are always carry it everywhere they go even though they are just going for a short event in the event that they went to.

But we may forget something worth, water is very important so that the transferring of oxygen to the brain can function smoothly while we are studying or making calculation avoiding the dizziness.

Nerd is not so bad. A lot of nerd people success in there study. We may also always see that our friends are not shy carrying there books on their own hand even though they carry a lot of books, hard to carry. All they do because they want to study and make revision after the class.

Which one you are? Study last minute or study on the spot? Students have different types of study style and that makes the difference between the 4 plat students and the average students.

Moving on to the next situation. Library. The most people in there is who? Maybe our friends and maybe also other student that we don't know but they are really hardworking, reading news, making discussion group, study and make revision.

If someone suddenly wanted to study in the library as before this he or she are not the type of student who study in the library, people may say something like this:

" Poyo la engkau. Tiba-tiba nak rajin macam budak nerd..."

And that may spoil he/she's intentions in other to change his/her attitude in study. Actually, if we continue thinking about the others think about our self, we will not going to be anywhere. Just do what the best decision that we choose. We cannot stop what others thinking about our self, it is there right to think.

While we are still talking in the cafe talking about other people, while we are still watching the movies, while we are still playing games, while we are still sleeping in the evening or maybe morning. Others may be doing the more worth activities. Do we manage our time successfully?

Changing our attitude is not easy, of course. Let's enjoy our study..

Think | About | The Creator

Long time no see...

It has been a long time since I didn't update my blog...

but here I am...


Anatomy and Physiology...

A study about human beings, there structural cells within the body,

how the system works,

what makes the system disrupts,

and so on...

(mitosis and meiosis in our body cells occur within our body)

everyday, we use our body to do what we want to do...

we use many nerve tissues...

we use several muscle tissue in other for just for example,

picking our pencil or maybe while you are reading my blog...

various nervous tissue, muscle tissue, work for the data sent

by nerve impulse and sent back to our brain...

all happens in a minute or maybe seconds..

don't you think that it is amazing? How He created such a very complex but yet,

is very systematic.. SubhanAllah.. :D

even the tiniest cells such as nerve tissues, muscle tissues and epithelial tissues,

can work together for a vigorous exercise, in just a minutes...or even seconds...

some people dislike to study about biology, anatomy and physiology...

but just think and answer if possible of one question...

you know how to use your body system and mechanism, but do you know how it works?

smiling is part of the process that the human system have to generate, various muscle

in our faces work together in other for us to make smile...

People said that study biology is quiet difficult as we cannot see,

the process by our own eyes as the process happen in the body...

but we use our body system, the cell and the process that is in our body...

it is about what we do everyday....

for a seconds, millions of nervous tissues, many synapse occur,

in our brain so that we can walk, study, watching, moving and many more...

he2... :D

study anatomy and physiology,

to know, to explore and to understand how Allah created the system in the body,

and finally making us feel that we are too small in the eyes of Allah...

for He is very intelligent, brilliant, and powerful in what He created...



Determine | and | Success

Here and there, we always talk (maybe) about determine and success. When we talk about determine and success, it is usually connect with someone strength and hard work to do in other to have what they want and what they do not want.

But one thing that is the most important is our intention to do the things. We have variety of intention before we decide to finally to make a decision and make something. But why don't we put our priority in our intention is to do what we want to do just because of Allah, the God who create us and the one who power over us His servants?

It is up to the readers or perhaps the person to have their own favorite intention but to have intention because of Allah, i.A we gain the good from Him and maybe something that we want to achieve may gain help from Him. So make sure that we always check our intention to do something or else we may not reach our goal. I said this as well as for me myself.

To do the best in what we have today make us feel happy even though the overcome of our work may not satisfied the person above us. I mean when we are in a leadership activities and program. At least we had try our very best and that give us a sweet memory of the event that we managed to do.

But once we fail. Remember that, to err is human, to forgive divine.

Time management. We cannot deny that everyday life of one person may face a lot of things to do and a lot of things to be done at the first place. It is important that we manage our time successfully or else we may fail in what we want to reach or gain. The objective of what we want must be clear and is very important. Lose objective, we lost.

I have mid sem at the end of this month and I have the Tae Kwon Do sports competition for the following this week. The training for the tae kwon do is very tough but yet I enjoyed the training as I learn new thing and that give advantages not to just me but the others as well. I.A..

Wallahualam. I can only write only this for this post. Hope we all success in what the good things that we do. Amiin.. :D


Tae | Kwon | Do

For the past three days I have been training for tae kwon do. I have never been do any tae kwon do step before, this is my first time. I want to learn on how to defend our-self if I am in a dangerous situation.

That comes to far, I choose to apply to be school representative for tae kwon do competition in this middle of the month.

I have got muscle sickness for the past three days and I must faced it positively. Everybody have their own strength of healthy. I am not good at the sort of doing heavy exercise like tae kwon do and that is why I want to learn but the big goal is to me to get the knowledge in other to defend myself.

In this world of what we don't expected, woman especially facing a lot of challenge in the mean of defending themselves. To be able to defend herself whenever there are no one with them.

I do not want to give up on tae kwon do, even though I am not a good newcomer of the tae kwon do but that is me. I am very amateur to tae kwon do and I have more things to learn.

Practice for tae kwon do also can help our body and our self to be healthy, one of the 10 Muwassofat tarbiyah. So I say it is one of the tarbiyah, tarbiyah diri.


Di Sebalik Tabir | al-Fateh

Do we all know who Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh? Maybe we all know him since we are at the secondary school..right or not? He is the Imam of his soldier

I just go back from the seminar given for the first year student in National University of Malaysia just now. It was a very interesting seminar which given by Mr.Syaari Abdul Rahman, a writer of the book namely as Kuasa Ke-Pemimpin-an al-Fateh.

It was not easy to bring the writer to talk in front of the audience. I am very glad that i am one of the student who attended the event.

What I want to share with you all, the readers is the ibrah of what Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh did in other to conquer Constantinople or what we all known as Istanbul located at Turkey.

"Kamu kagum dengan tokoh yang kamu kagumi, tapi kamu tak ambil pelajaran darinya" That is what the writer said to us during the seminar. Hmm, yes it is true. We all have our idol in our journey of life but do we really have taken the moral of their story in our daily life?

Walking into the story of Muhammad al-Fateh had open my eyes. He is only at 19 years old but he already managed to be the leader of many country. One of the most moral values to be highlighted here is the leadership skill.

For us to be able to have a job, we only have to give 20% of our knowledge for example on what we learn during our lectures class and so on. But the other one which make up about 80% is the attitude.

We cannot learn attitude things during our lectures or lab class. We learn it from our experience in leadership organization.

He, Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh is an ordinary people but what made him to be the best person is he is not alone. The same goes to us, we are an ordinary people but if we are together in other to be success in our life, we become an extraordinary people. I.A..

It is the attitude...

The leader and people below him all have a very special link. The people below the leader and the leader attitude mirror the success of the goal to be make.

We have to be so determine and we also have to be so focus on our target. Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh has been trained from his earliest age to have the goal in other to conquer Constantinople. Then, he really will go to it and he did it.

There are a lot of war happened by different soldier in other to get Constantinople. But what I am trying to say here is, he does not give up, he never give up. We all said that mistakes is the beginning of failure but to me mistakes is the beginning of success. We learn from the mistakes. We should take the mistakes as the way to learn and be strong to faced the challenge in front us.

Next, we should take some times and think and dream of our success.

Team works needs five characteristics.

1st, be positive. Do not look down on the others, all have specialization.
2nd, be proactive. Go ahead and don't blame the others if there are problem.
3rd, be psychological approve. Know how to make our team strength and determination strong in the organization.
4th, be perfection in diversity. Learn to take the comment or what the others think about our leadership skill.
5th, I am sorry. The writer could not remember the fifth one, he2. I am also waiting for the writer to tell us the fifth characteristics.

Do the best in what we do. Everything that we do have the goal to be achieve.

Allah SWT will give the success to the people who is really determine and never give up,in what His servants do.

But remember that sometimes we've got strategic planned but we cannot get to the goal. Right? That's the challenge given by the God. Read a lot of good books to widen our knowledge, learn many languages to help us communicate easily with different types of people.

Me and you, the readers. Let us take the moral values from Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh and apply it in our daily life. I.A.. ~~~


Cup | Or | Coffee?

A group of graduates, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor.

Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.

Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups – porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite – telling them to help themselves to the coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee, the professor said: “If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the simple and cheap ones.While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress.Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee.

In most cases, it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink.What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you.Consciously went for the best cups… Then you began eyeing each other’s cups.

Now consider this:

- Life is the coffee; the jobs, money and position in society are the cups.

- They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the quality of Life we live.

- Sometimes, by concentrating on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided us. Enjoy your coffee!.

"The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything."

  • MoralsAndEthicsLive simply.
  • Love generously.
  • Care deeply.
  • Speak kindly.
  • Leave the rest to God.

You are the miracle, my friend;

Your life either shines a light OR casts a shadow!

Shine a light & Enjoy the Coffee!!!


P/s : Bez tak join tae kwon do? he2


Who | Abdullah bin Jahsy | .......

Abdullah bin Jahsy r.a adalah anak kepada ibu saudara Rasulullah SAW, Umamah binti Abdul Mutallib dan juga ipar kepada Rasulullah SAW kerana Rasulullah SAW mengahwini saudara perempuannya Zainab binti Jahsy r.a.

Abdullah bin Jahsy r.a termasuk dikalangan 40 orang pertama yang memeluk Islam (al-Sabiqun al-Awwalun).

Penghijrahan Abdullah bin Jahsy ke Madinah

Ketika Rasulullah SAW mengizinkan para sahabat untuk berhijrah ke Madinah, Abdullah bin Jahsy adalah orang kedua berhijrah selepas Abu Salamah r.a. Penghijrahan ini bukanlah sesuatu yang baru bagi beliau kerana beliau telah terlibat dalam hijrah ke Habsyah sebelum ini, cuma penghijrahan kali ini disertai isteri dan anak.

Berikutan daripada hijrah beliau ke Madinah, harta-harta peninggalan dan kekayaan Abdullah bin Jahsy telah di rampas oleh Abu Jahal. Peristiwa ini berlaku apabile para pembesar Quraisy yang mengadakan rondaan bagi memeriksa sudut-sudut kota Mekah mendatangi perkampunang Bani Jahsy, iaitu setelah Abdullah bin Jahsy meninggalkan kota Mekah. Pemimpin meraka, Abu Jahal yang mendapati rumah Abdullah bin Jahsy tidak berpenghuni dan dipenuhi harta kekayaan, telah mengambil seluruh harta itu. Perkara ini kemudiannya sampai ke pengatahuan Abdullah bin Jahsy dan beliau mengadu kepada Rasulullah SAW.

Rasulullah telah menjawab: “Allah akan menggantikannya dengan rumah yang paling baik di Syurga”

Abdullah bin Jahsy sebagai Amirul Mukminin

Untuk membentuk pasukan tentera Islam, Rasulullah SAW telah memilih 8 orang yang dipandangnya mampu berperang termasuk Abdullah bin Jahsy dan Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqash r.a. Dalam pasukan ini, Abdullah bin Jahsy telah terpilih sebagai ketua dan telah diserahkan bendera Islam pertama kepadanya. Bendera ini telah diikat pada tongkat Rasullulah SAW. Abdullah bin Jahsy telah digelar Amirul Mukminin kerana peristiwa ini.

Setelah dilantik sebagai amir, beliau telah diperintahkan oleh Rasulullah SAW untuk merisik dan mengintip musuh. Rasulullah telah memberi Surat Perintah kepada beliau dan melarang beliau membuka surat itu melainkan sesudah dua hari perjalanan. Oleh itu sesudah dua hari perjalanan, beliau telah membuka surat itu dan membacanya:

“ Bila kamu membaca surat ini, teruskanlah perjalananmu ke arah Mekah. Berhentilah diantara Taif dan Mekah. Amatilah gerak-geri kaun Quraisy dan segera laporkan kepadaku.”

Sesuai dengan arahan Rasulullah SAW, Abdullah bin Jahsy r.a meneruskan perjalanannya dan tiba di Nakhlah. Di tempat tersebut mereka mempersiapkan pos perisikan dan ketika mereka bersiap-siap, tiba-tiba dari jarak yang agak jauh mereka terlihat sekumpulan kabilah Quraisy terdiri daripada Amr bin Hadhramy, Hakam bin Kaysan, Utsman bin Abdullah dan al-Mughirah bin Abdullah. Mereka membawa dagangan seperti kulit, anggur dan sebagainya. Abdullah bin Jahsy telah bermesyuarat dengan pasukannya untuk menyerang atau membiarkan kabilah Quraisy itu. Di saat akhir bulan Haram, jika mereka melakukan penyerangan, bererti melanggar kehormatan bulan itu serta akan mendatangkan kemarahan bangsa Arab. Akan tetapi jika kabilah itu dibiarkan lalu, mereka akan masuk ke tanah Haram (Mekah) iaitu bererti membiarkan mereka masuk ke tempat aman.

Akhirnya mereka memutuskan menyerang dah merampas harta kabilah itu. Seorang anggota rombongan tewas, dua ditawan dan seorang lagi berjaya melarikan diri. Tibanya di Madinah, harta rampasan dan tawanan dibawa dihadapan Rasulullah SAW. Abdullah bin Jahsy dan pasukan telah dimarahi kerana bertindak diluar arahan dan perintah Rasulullah SAW.

Baginda telah menangguhkan keputusan mengenai hukuman harta rampasan dan dua tawanan perang sementara menunggu keputusan dari Allah. Abdullah bin Jahsy dan pasukan telah digantung kerja. Mereka jelas bersalah kerana melanggar perintah Rasulullah SAW. Kaum muslimin mencela mereka sehingga mereka terasa dipulaukan. Penyesalan dan kesedihan menjadi lebih teruk apabila mereka mengetahui kaum Quraisy menggunakan peluang ini untuk menekan Rasulullah SAW dan kaum Muslimin. Mereka menyebarkan berita dikalangan kabilah-kabilah Arab, bahawa kaum Muslimin telah menghalalkan pertumpahan darah dan perampasan harta dibulan Haram.

Abdullah bin Jahsy menganggung beban mental yang sangat hebat. Walaubagaimanapun, beliau tetap terus beristigfar dan memohan ampun kepada Allah SWT sehingga turunnya Al-Baqarah ayat 217 membawa berita gembira. Turunnya ayat ini telah menenangkan hati Rasulullah SAW. Harta rampasan diberike Baitul Man dan kedua tawanan dibebaskan. Harta rampasan ini adalah harta rampasan pertama umat Islam dan musuh yang dibunuh adalah musyrik pertama yang tertumpah darahnya di tangan kaum Muslimin. Bendara pasukan mereka juga, bendara pertama yang diikat oleh Rasulullah.

Syahidnya Abdullah bin Jahsy

Abdullah bin Jahsy adalah antara sahabat yang syahid dalam perang Uhud. Di dalam perang ini Abdullah bin Jahsy dan Saad bin Waqqash r.a telah berdoa di sebuah tempat yang agak terpencil.

Doa Saad bin Waqqash r.a:

“Ya Allah, pertemukanlah aku dengan musuh yang paling buas dan jahat. Aku akan melawannya dan berilah aku kemenangan”

Abdullah bin Jahsy mengaminkan doa seraya menambah:

“Ya Allah, pertemukanlah aku dengan musuh yang jahat dan buas. Aku akan melawannya dan aku tewas ditangannya. Dia kemudian memotong hidung dan telingaku”

Ketika perang Uhud berakhir, ternyata Allah memakbulkan doanya. Para sahabat menemukan jasadnya tewas sepertimana doanya. Hidung dan telinganya buntung dan tubuhnya digantung dengan seutas tali. Allah SWT memuliakan nya dengan pahala syahid bersama Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib r.a. Keduanya tewas dan dimakamkan didalam satu kubur. Air mata Rasulullah telah membasahi kubur mereka menambah harumnya darah syahid yang melumuri jasab mereka. Semoga mereka dirahmati. Amin.