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Here and there, we always talk (maybe) about determine and success. When we talk about determine and success, it is usually connect with someone strength and hard work to do in other to have what they want and what they do not want.

But one thing that is the most important is our intention to do the things. We have variety of intention before we decide to finally to make a decision and make something. But why don't we put our priority in our intention is to do what we want to do just because of Allah, the God who create us and the one who power over us His servants?

It is up to the readers or perhaps the person to have their own favorite intention but to have intention because of Allah, i.A we gain the good from Him and maybe something that we want to achieve may gain help from Him. So make sure that we always check our intention to do something or else we may not reach our goal. I said this as well as for me myself.

To do the best in what we have today make us feel happy even though the overcome of our work may not satisfied the person above us. I mean when we are in a leadership activities and program. At least we had try our very best and that give us a sweet memory of the event that we managed to do.

But once we fail. Remember that, to err is human, to forgive divine.

Time management. We cannot deny that everyday life of one person may face a lot of things to do and a lot of things to be done at the first place. It is important that we manage our time successfully or else we may fail in what we want to reach or gain. The objective of what we want must be clear and is very important. Lose objective, we lost.

I have mid sem at the end of this month and I have the Tae Kwon Do sports competition for the following this week. The training for the tae kwon do is very tough but yet I enjoyed the training as I learn new thing and that give advantages not to just me but the others as well. I.A..

Wallahualam. I can only write only this for this post. Hope we all success in what the good things that we do. Amiin.. :D

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