Alamak | Nerd | ....!!!

We always see people and maybe our own friends carry there big water container or maybe big bag. They are always carry it everywhere they go even though they are just going for a short event in the event that they went to.

But we may forget something worth, water is very important so that the transferring of oxygen to the brain can function smoothly while we are studying or making calculation avoiding the dizziness.

Nerd is not so bad. A lot of nerd people success in there study. We may also always see that our friends are not shy carrying there books on their own hand even though they carry a lot of books, hard to carry. All they do because they want to study and make revision after the class.

Which one you are? Study last minute or study on the spot? Students have different types of study style and that makes the difference between the 4 plat students and the average students.

Moving on to the next situation. Library. The most people in there is who? Maybe our friends and maybe also other student that we don't know but they are really hardworking, reading news, making discussion group, study and make revision.

If someone suddenly wanted to study in the library as before this he or she are not the type of student who study in the library, people may say something like this:

" Poyo la engkau. Tiba-tiba nak rajin macam budak nerd..."

And that may spoil he/she's intentions in other to change his/her attitude in study. Actually, if we continue thinking about the others think about our self, we will not going to be anywhere. Just do what the best decision that we choose. We cannot stop what others thinking about our self, it is there right to think.

While we are still talking in the cafe talking about other people, while we are still watching the movies, while we are still playing games, while we are still sleeping in the evening or maybe morning. Others may be doing the more worth activities. Do we manage our time successfully?

Changing our attitude is not easy, of course. Let's enjoy our study..