I am Afraid of Myself

Yes, as what you've been read.
I am afraid of myself,
Since when do I missed my caring and love towards people around me?
Since when do I become heartless and cold person?
Since when do I become selfish and just think about myself?

People might think I am confused now,
I am trying to search back who I am,
I've lost myself,
Somewhere that I've been missed,
To some event that I've been through,
I lost myself there.

Kuala Lumpur


Waiting is Painful

I still remember that day,
How I wish to start everything by juz our own effort,
but yes still under observation by our murabiyah,
wish to start everything by our self coz I see that everything looks so slow.
I think this is the best choice to be made, ukhti.
seriously waiting is painful, but too rush is bad as well.

memetik buah sebelum masak,
hanya mengundang pahit dan kelat,
tidak berisi, tidak manis dan sekadar mengisi perut sahaja,
let us move step by step from now on,
I dun know where this strength come from,
but I wish and hope that it will continuosly motivate us.

no one is left to do this job accept us,
i will try to use my experience in my own town before this,
to be apply in our place,


Kuala Lumpur