Sweet Journey

As salam... and hye to all the readers of this blog. I know that it was so very long time that i haven't update my blog. I have so much things to do lately and everything needs me to give the full attention and all and all i need to focus on my objective in doing something. It was a very sweet journey of my life and now I knew what I am supposed to do and what I am supposed to stop doing...

People come and people go, it is all in Allah's hand. He have the power to unite one self and have the power to separate the others. It was not something new to me because before this I also have undergo the same situation where need me to accept the separation of my old naqibah. I never expect that I am really open and did not feel sad on this new things happening in my life. Now, I just don't really care who is the one making the daurah or who is my naqibah, I don't really care who she/he is, the things that important is how I am going to pass this process of dakwah and tarbiyah. I realize it now, alhamdulillah.

Yes, i repeat my new status update lately here. The biggest enemy among the enemy and the biggest challenge among the challenge is the one in you yourself. Jihad to fight against nafs. It is useless if we promise on not to do this,not to do that and to do this but in the end we still on the same boat. The intention to change is there, but yet still trap in our own box. The solution is also there, but we still trap on our own thinking. This is what do we call as Think What Others Think Disease. All in all, we will not going to change if we still think what others think of us if we do something that we want to do.

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